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Housing Plan Profile: Chicago, IL

Plan title: Build Preserve Lead: A Housing Agenda for Chicago's Neighborhoods [PDF], available on the Department of Housing's web site.

Issued: 2003

Overview: This plan, prepared in 2003 by an advisory panel convened by the Department of Housing, is a successor to the previous 5-year (1999-2003) plan for affordable housing in Chicago. The plan sets the agenda for the City's housing-related activities over a 5-year period, led by the Department of Housing and in conjunction with other agencies. The plan is organized into five sections: build, preserve, assist households, lead, and execute; which address the creation of new housing units, preservation of existing housing, stabilization of current residents, advocacy around policy and funding initiatives, and the allocation of resources to carry out program goals.

Photo credit: Mark Ballogg, Ballogg Photography, Inc.; courtesy of Landon Bone Baker

Selected Strategies:

Financing Sources Identified:


Written by an advisory panel convened by the Department of Housing.

The lead agency is the Department of Housing, other partners identified include the Chicago Housing Authority, Chicago Continuum of Care, Office for People with Disabilities, Chicago Partnership for Affordable Neighborhoods, Department of Buildings, Neighborhood Housing Services, Chicago Public Schools, Department of Energy, and Department of Environment

The timeline is identified; this is a 5-year plan, and production goals are specified with quarterly progress reports issued. The target population includes households that earn at or below 60 percent of area median income (AMI), who should be able to afford 80 percent of overall units assisted; 85 percent of rental housing units assisted are targeted to serve households that earn at or less than 50 percent of AMI.