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Indian Wells Senior Housing

Indian Wells Senior Housing consists of ninety single-story, one-bedroom apartments for low-income seniors on a former date grove on the edge of Indian Wells, California. In an effort to build trust in the project, area residents and politicians were involved in the design process through a written survey and a participatory workshop.

Grouped into six-plexes, the units cluster around north-south facing courtyards fed by east-west oriented walkways. The living spaces wrap around a thermal chimney which anchors each unit. Light, air and shade are important elements where the shape of the building allows for proper ventilation, adequate light, and responds to the Southern California climate.

Indian Wells Senior Housing has received the following awards from the American Institute of Architects: National Honor Award for Architecture, 2000; California Council Honor Award, 1998; Riverside Vintage Award, 1996; and San Diego Citation of Recognition, 1995.

Source: Design Matters: Best Practices in Affordable Housing, City Design Center at the University of Chicago.