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This 15-acre project site is located at the intersection of Brooklyn Blvd. and Zane Avenue. The project was made possible in part with $73,900 in funding from the Metropolitan Council Tax Base Revitalization Funds, used to clean up petroleum contamination in both the soil and groundwater in approximately one-third of the site. The release is from a former Amoco gas station that has been cleaned up to commercial standards.

The Metropolitan Council grant was also used to clean up the site to residential standards so that all of the land is available for mixed-use development. The development on the area that was cleaned up will include two-story to four-story mixed-use buildings, including retail and office uses on the first and second levels with housing on the second to fourth levels. There are 171 multi-family units (73 of the units are affordable at 80 percent AMI - 43 percent of all the units).