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List of all Roles and Policies in the Massachusetts Toolbox

In the Massachusetts Toolbox of you will find a wide array of information on the many ways that states and localities can increase the availability of homes for working families. Scroll down to see our complete list of roles for states and communities, and the policies associated with each of these roles.

Please Contact Us if you have suggestions for additional roles and policies you would like to see covered.

Overview Section: The Development Process In Your Community
Phase One: Creating a Development Plan
Phase Two: Predevelopment
Public Entity Responsibilities
Developer Responsibilities
Roles of Development Team Members
Phase Three: Construction
Phase Four: Occupancy and Ongoing Operations

 Policy: Creating a Housing Needs Assessment
What Questions to Ask
Accessing the Information
Analyzing Information
Moving from Information to Action

Policy: Building Local Support for Affordable Housing
Organizing Your Efforts
Explaining Your Intentions
Impacts of Affordable Housing Developments on Property Values
Getting the Message Out
Addressing Community Concerns
Financial Impacts on Town Services
Guidelines for Overcoming Fear

Policy: Zoning and Land Use Strategies That Support Affordable Housing

Zoning Basics
Regulating Land Use While Supporting Affordable Housing in a New Development
Regulating Conversion and Adaptive Reuse of Existing Properties
Accessory Apartment Bylaw with Affordability Restrictions
Chapter 40R: the Smart Growth Zoning and Housing Production Act
Chapter 40B: the Affordable Housing Law
The Commonwealth's Sustainable Development Principles
The Cost of Sprawl
Zoning Examples and Resources
Significant Changes to the Comprehensive Permit Law Since 2001
What Has the Affordable Housing Law Accomplished

Policy: Creating and Preserving Affordable Housing in Existing Properties
Reuse Vacant, Obsolete, and Surplus Properties
Tax Title Projects around the State
Streamlining the Tax-Taking Process
Examples of Brownfields Redevelopment Programs
Examples of Properties on Donated and Purchased Sites
Preserve Existing Affordable Housing
Successfully Preserved Affordable Housing Developments
Successfully Preserved, Moderately Priced Rental Units
Successful Purchases of Existing Units for Resale
Homeowner Assistance and Rehab Program

Policy: Finance Basics and Funding Strategies
Finance Basics
Funding Strategies
    Types of Funded Needed
    First Steps: Technical Assistance, Predevelopment, and Acquisition Financing
    Special Strategies
Supportive Housing Information and Examples
Elderly Housing Programs Information and Examples
Rural Housing Information and Examples
Resources for/Examples of Local Foreclosed and Abandoned Property Initiatives
    Construction and Rehabilitation Funding
Construction and Rehab Financing -- Local Resources
    Rental Assistance Programs
        Information on the Section 8 Project-Based Voucher Program
        Information on Rental Assistance Programs Funded by HUD Homeless Grants
    Local Assistance: Housing Trusts, Local Funding, and Indirect Support

Policy: Basics of Homeownership
Overcoming the Challenges to Homeownership
Alternative Development Models
Alternative Ownership Models
Municipal Affordable Housing Trust Resources