Neighborhood Stabilization

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Foreclosure Response

Resources on preventing foreclosures & stabilizing communities ***NOW AVAILABLE: Foreclosure Needs Scores at the ZIP Code Level*** Across the country, states and localities are engaged in an expedited process to determine how to allocate nearly $4 billion that the federal government is providing to help stabilize the communities that have been hardest hit by the … Read more


Crescent Cove Apartments is a 236 unit building completed in the newly expanding Mission Bay district in San Francisco. The project is designated as “workforce housing” with units reserved for families that make 50%-60% AMI. In San Francisco County, this translates to an annual income of between $38,000 and $45,000 for a family of two, … Read more

Meet the Housing Needs of Older Adults

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Facilitate Reuse of Abandoned, Vacant and Tax-Delinquent Properties

Information gaps, title clearance problems, and lengthy tax foreclosure processes are common barriers to redeveloping abandoned properties. Communities can more easily convert these properties into quality, affordable homes by enacting legislative reforms to the standard tax foreclosure processes, creating shared databases of abandonment indicators, and implementing innovative property acquisition and transfer approaches. Click on the … Read more

Use Shared Equity Mechanisms to Preserve Homeownership Subsidies

What is shared equity homeownership? Shared equity homeownership is a unique approach to affordable homeownership. Under this approach, a state or local government provides funding to help a family purchase a home. In return, the government entity shares in the benefits of any home price appreciation that may occur while the family lives there. The … Read more