Live at the Forum Webinar on Balancing Affordability and Asset Building in Homeownership Programs

Wednesday, January 26 – Live at the Forum Webinar

Balancing Affordability and Asset Building in Homeownership Programs

On Wednesday, January 26 the Center for Housing Policy hosted the first Live at the Forum webinar event of 2011. This webinar session focused on a recent report by The Urban Institute that provides information on seven shared equity homeownership programs across the country that provide long-term affordable homeownership opportunities. The report demonstrates how such programs can effectively provide long-term affordability while still offering their residents substantial asset building opportunities.

The webinar was sponsored by the Center for Housing Policy, the New America Foundation, the Cornerstone Partnership, and the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Speakers included: Reid Cramer, New America Foundation; Beadsie Woo, Annie E. Casey Foundation; Rick Jacobus, Cornerstone Partnership; Brett Theodos, The Urban Institute; and Jeffrey Lubell, Center for Housing Policy.

Below we have provided a recording of the webinar (audio and visual), along with slides from the various presentations.

We encourage you to post questions and comments on the webinar and the topics covered by replying to this post. The webinar presenters will be responding to these questions periodically.


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