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I am working on a draft of a policy framework for homeownership for a partnership of organizations working together to offer our jurisdiction a cohesive plan.  Any formats, tips or ideas?  Thanks! 

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Diane -- San Francisco might be a good place to check out for inspiration.  Here's a link to the city's umbrella of affordable homeownership programs: http://sf-moh.org/index.aspx?page=181.  I'd be happy to share contact info. I have for a staffer there with the homeownership division of the Mayor's Office of Housing, if of interest.

Diane, what did your group end up coming up with for a policy framework for homeownership?

You might check out Limited Equity Coops. For a scattered site example look at Cooper Square in NYC. For a multi family type look at the Coop on Alleraton Ave in the Bronx. To create affordability in perpetuity use a land trust and then lease. This in essence removes the land for any future gain

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