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Erie-Ellington Homes

Erie-Ellington Homes is a 50-unit urban infill residential project in the historic Erie-Ellington neighborhood of Dorchester, a district of Boston, Massachusetts. The project's 19 duplex and triplex buildings are located on seven scattered sites, filling gaps in the urban fabric left by arson and neglect, and were built at lower densities than allowed as of right to assuage neighbors' concerns about scale and open space. Developed using a cost-efficient panelized construction technique, in which entire walls are built in factories and assembled on-site, the environmentally-friendly homes have been designed to use about half the energy of comparable homes. Since its completion in September 2000, Erie-Ellington Homes has sparked renovation and improvement of area residences while providing much-needed affordable rental housing for city residents.

Image and case study courtesy of Urban Land Institute Development Case Studies.