Goal: Meet the Housing Needs of Older AdultsAARP logo
Role: Provide Accessible, Safe, and Affordable Homes

Older adults need homes that are accessible and safe. Homes with physical barriers can be modified to suit their residents' needs, and new homes can be built with a range of abilities in mind.  Modifications that weatherize homes can improve energy-efficiency, lower utility costs, and create a healthier living environment.

Older adults also need housing options that are affordable.  By offering a greater array of multifamily rental options, smaller for-sale homes, accessory dwelling units, and housing subsidies, localities can help ensure that older adults of all incomes can continue to live in the communities they call home.

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Create and preserve a range of affordable housing options
The development and preservation of affordable housing helps older adults keep costs in-line with incomes.

Build or modify homes to universal design or visitability standards
Universal design and visitability standards ensure that homes are accessible to older adults of all abilities.

Weatherize homes to improve energy-efficiency and reduce utility costs
Weatherization lowers utility costs, increases energy-efficiency, and creates a healthier living environment.

Photo credits (L to R): Greater Grays Ferry Estates, Philadelphia PA -- photo courtesy of Philadelphia Housing Authority; Historic Elk Park School, Elk Park NC -- photo credit: North Carolina State Historic Preservation, courtesy of Northwestern Housing Enterprises, Inc.; Milwaukee WI -- courtesy of Milwaukee Housing Authority