Goal: Increase the Availability of Affordable Homes
Role: Expand Development Opportunities

In most communities in which homes are out of reach of working families, land is quite expensive. By making publicly-owned land and abandoned or tax-delinquent properties available for the development of affordable homes, local governments can neutralize this obstacle. Governments can also expand the supply of sites for affordable homes through changes in zoning rules that make new areas available for
residential development or increase the number of homes that can be built in existing residential areas.

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Make Publicly-Owned Land Available for Affordable Homes
Mountain View Senior Apartments
State and local governments can help to expand development opportunities and increase the supply of affordable homes by making suitable publicly-owned land available for housing development.

Facilitate the Reuse of Abandoned, Vacant, and Tax-Delinquent Properties
One Church Street
Through community development and housing policies that encourage conversion of vacant properties into affordable homes, communities can reduce blight and increase housing opportunities for working families.

Expand the Supply of Homes through Rezonings

Localities have expanded the supply of new homes by rezoning land for residential use and increasing, in appropriate locations, the number of homes that can be developed per acre.

Photo credits (L to R): Mountain View Senior Apartments, Ontario CA -- photo courtesy of ULI Development Case Studies; One Church Street, San Francisco CA -- photo credit: Donald Stasenka, courtesy of BRIDGE Housing; Pantages Apartments, Seattle WA -- photo credit: William Wright of William Wright Photography