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Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) and an emerging group of community-based nonprofit organizations offer "one stop shopping" for energy efficiency. These entities manage the process of going green from start to finish, providing a single point of contact for everything from energy audits and project financing to executing the improvements and educating residents on energy-saving behavior. While ESCOs have traditionally worked in the commercial and industrial sectors and, as noted below, with very large public housing and multifamily developments, local nonprofits have been able to offer turnkey services to smaller developments and individual homeowners.

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ESCOs and energy performance contracting

Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) most commonly work with large clients, including public housing agencies, to achieve energy-efficiency improvements at scale.

Community-based nonprofit organizations
An increasing number of community-based nonprofits that operate on a model similar to ESCOs have started to emerge, making the advantages of an ESCO accessible to owners of affordable rental properties.

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Who performs the work?
Many communities require that participants work with certified builders or contractors, or with trained program staffs to certify energy-efficiency retrofits.

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Strategies for supporting the energy workforce

States and localities can support energy efficiency through informal channels.