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A number of states have implemented their own disaster mitigation and support programs that provide state funds to support mitigation projects or combine state funds with federal funds. A sample of these state-level programs is provided below.

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My Safe Florida Home Program
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South Carolina

The My Safe Florida Home program was created in 2006 through a $250 million appropriation by the state. The state established the program within the Department of Financial Services, which was to oversee activities and allocated the funds of the program. The program provided free hurricane mitigation inspections for single-family homes and grants to households to fund mitigation retrofits. The program generally targets low- and moderate-income households, providing grants only to homes with insured values under $300,000.

During the past three years, the program has provided free inspections to more than 400,000 homeowners and has funded retrofits for nearly 33,000 homes. Due to budget constraints, the program expired on June 30, 2009. However, there have been strong lobbying efforts to continue funding the program.

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South Carolina

SC Safe Home Program

The South Carolina Hurricane Damage Mitigation Program, also known as the SC Safe Home program, offers grants to residents for making their homes more resistant to the damaging effects of high winds from hurricanes and severe storms. The grant program was established by the Omnibus Insurance Reform Act of 2007. [1]

The SC Safe Home program, operated within the South Carolina Department of Insurance, provides grant dollars to individual homeowners to make their property more resistant to hurricane and wind damage. The program is funded through a percentage of the premiums collected from the state's Wind Pool, which is an association of insurance companies which makes disaster insurance available to homeowners in the coastal area who are not able to buy it through the standard insurance market. [2]

SC Safe Home program funds can be used for the following mitigation improvements / retrofits:

  • Roof deck attachment
  • Secondary water barrier
  • Roof covering
  • Bracing gable ends
  • Reinforcement of roof-to-wall connections
  • Opening protection
  • Exterior doors, including garage doors
  • Tie downs
  • Problems associated with weakened trusses, studs and other structural components
  • Repair or replacement of manufactured home piers, anchors and tie-down straps.

Similar to the My Safe Florida Home Program, the SC Safe Home program provides grants only to homes with insured values under $300,000, likewise providing a preference to low- and moderate-income households. As of February 2010, the program had provided 1,018 grants to homeowners in the state totaling $4.6 million. Homeowners completing mitigation projects funded through the program have reported savings of up to 24 percent in their property insurance premiums.

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[1] SC Safe Home website
[2] SC Wind and Hail Underwriting Association website