2009 Learning Conference on State and Local Housing Policy June 28-30

You know that affordable housing is the backbone of healthy communities – both at times like these, when it’s in the news every night, and at times when it’s not making headlines. So, how can you help your community through this challenging period and ensure the availability of housing for working families in years to come?


Find ideas at Solutions for Working Families: 2009 Learning Conference on State and Local Housing Policy. This first-of-its-kind learning conference, a project of the National Housing Conference and its research affiliate, the Center for Housing Policy, will help you identify policies that have been successful in other communities and could work in yours. It includes sessions for housing policy veterans and newcomers, presentations tailored to state- and local-level policy issues, facilitated discussions and roundtables to help you connect with peers, plus:

  • An intensive institute on foreclosure prevention and neighborhood stabilization
  • An intensive institute on preserving affordable rental housing

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Bringing Tested Strategies to the Table

“Communities struggle to address housing issues, though it remains the most fundamental and critical issue our nation is facing. The Solutions for Working Families learning conference will bring tested strategies and … action leaders around the table to work with communities to help them successfully address the housing need in their communities.”

-Jennifer Raitt, Chief Housing Planner, Metropolitan Area Planning Council (Boston) and Chair, American Planning Association’s Housing and Community Development Division


Solutions In Action

In 2004, the future for Hazel Hill Apartments in Fredericksburg, Virginia, looked grim. The project-based Section 8 property had twice failed HUD inspections. The owner faced foreclosure, and the residents faced displacement in a housing market where prices were soaring.

Find out how state, local, and federal partners worked together to preserve this property as affordable housing…

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