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List of all Roles and Policies in the Minnesota Toolbox

In the Minnesota Toolbox of you will find a wide array of information on the many ways that states and localities can increase the availability of homes for working families. Scroll down to see our complete list of roles for states and communities, and the policies associated with each of these roles.

Please Contact Us if you have suggestions for additional roles and policies you would like to see covered.

Overview: An Introduction to the Toolbox

Why is Access to Housing Choices Important?
How Can We Enhance Housing Choice?

Finance Tools for Housing Choices
Utilize Tax Increment Financing to Fund a Mix of Housing
Stimulate Construction or Rehab Through Tax Abatements
Adopt Tax Levies in Support of Housing Strategies
Create or Expand Dedicated Housing Trust Funds
Expand and Support Use of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit
Provide Pre-Development and Acquisition Financing
Support Housing Bond Issues
Use Cross-Subsidies to Support Mixed-Income Communities
Encourage Employers' Commitment to Affordable Homes for Workers

Strengthen Existing Housing & Neighborhoods
Preserve Rental Options
Preserve Ownership Housing Options
Strengthen and Promote Existing Neighborhoods
Support and Expand Housing Improvement Areas for Common Interest Properties

Expand Opportunities for New Housing
Adopt Local Policies in Support of Housing Choice
Make Publicly-Owned Land Available for Affordable Workforce Homes
Redevelop Brownfield Sites for New Housing
Support the Reuse of Abandoned, Vacant, and Tax-Delinquent Properties
Adopt Expedited Permitting and Review Policies
Diversify Housing Types Through Innovative Land Use and Zoning Policies

Support Homeownership
Expand Homeownership Education and Counseling
Create and Expand Downpayment Assistance
Prevent Foreclosures and Help Affected Owners
Create & Expand Homeowner Renovation Assistance

Support of Connected, Healthy and Livable Communities
Link Transportation Policies and Land Use
Recognize Transportation Costs
Support Active and Healthy Living
Encourage the Creation of Culturally Sensitive Homes and Communities
Provide Access to Specialized Housing and Services

Support Sustainable Development Practices
Encourage Green Building Techniques and Policies
Encourage Energy Efficiency to Reduce Household Energy Costs
Minnesota GreenStep Cities: Best Practices to Achieve Sustainability Goals
Promote Sustainable Development Patterns