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The graphic below shows foreclosure prevention policies along a timeline starting before mortgage delinquency (and often before purchasing a home), during the period in which the mortgage grows progressively more delinquent, and ending after foreclosure has occurred. Click on a policy along the timeline to learn more.

Links have been provided in the quick links box in the upper right corner of each page, and in the grey navigation boxes, to return to the foreclosure policy timeline. After reviewing a policy section, click on one of these links to return to this timeline.

Create a Foreclosure Prevention Hotline

Homeownership Education and Counseling
Foreclosure Prevention CounselingShort-Term Emergency Loans
Expanded Legal Services
Low-Interest Refinance LoansProtections for TenantsRental Options for Former Homeowners

BEFORE Mortgage Delinquency
DURING Mortgage Delinquency
AFTER Foreclosure

Anti-Predatory Lending Laws
Oversight of Mortgage Brokers and Lenders
Monitor Downpayment Passthroughs
Create a Foreclosure Prevention Task ForceIdentify and Assist High-Foreclosure NeighborhoodsMoratorium or Other ExtensionRefinancing with Flexible Underwriting Requirements
Reuse Vacant and Abandoned Properties

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