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The following is a list of key resources on topics related to housing trust funds. If you're aware of other resources that should be added, please contact us.


Housing Trust Fund Project of the Center for Community Change
The most comprehensive source of information on state and local housing trust funds, the Housing Trust Fund Project offers an array of resources ranging from a Workbook for Creating a Housing Trust Fund to case studies of trust funds throughout the country. The Housing Trust Fund Progress Report 2009 provides a look at the state of the art at the city, county and state levels; the Trust Fund Project also produces a quarterly newsletter addressing current housing trust fund events and activities.

PolicyLink's Equitable Development Toolkit
This online resource provides information on an array of strategies, including Housing Trust Funds, and is intended to provide guidance to advocates interested in advancing social and economic equity.

2009-2010 Assets & Opportunity Scorecard: Housing Trust Funds
The Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) produces this annual online scorecard to rank state housing trust funds based on funding and stewardship criteria. The scorecard is accompanied by a resource guide.

HousingPolicy.org Forum
The HousingPolicy.org Forum is a place to pose questions, exchange ideas, and learn from the experience and expertise of others. This section of the site features interactive forums organized around policy areas, including shared equity homeownership, rental housing preservation, inclusionary zoning, neighborhood stabilization, and foreclosure prevention.

Articles & Reports

2009 Survey: State Housing Trust Funds.  [PDF]  By Mary Brooks.  2009. Frazier Park, CA: Center for Community Change. 
This brief report describes the findings of a biennial survey on the status of state housing trust funds. 

Housing Trust Fund Resource Guide: 2009-2010 Assets & Opportunity Scorecard [PDF] 2009.  Washington, DC:  The Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED).  
This report accompanies the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) 2009-20110 Assets & Opportunity Scorecard that rates state housing trust funds.  It describes elements that contribute to strong state housing trust funds and provides information on the current status of different housing trust funds across the country.  

Florida's Housing Trust Fund: Addressing the State's Affordable Housing Needs. [PDF] 2004. By Kristin Larsen. Journal of Land Use 19(2): 525-535.
This article details the lack of affordable housing in Florida and examines how the state's housing trust fund has been used. The author concludes that while the trust fund has been an effective tool for increasing the supply of affordable housing, municipalities could use the funds more effectively to serve the lowest-income population segments.

Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategies in Hot Housing Markets. [PDF] 2008. By Jesse Mintz-Roth. Washington, DC: NeighborWorks America and Cambridge, MA: Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies.
This paper reviews housing policies that can be used to create and maintain long-term affordability in "hot" markets.  Specific tools discussed include shared equity and limited equity cooperatives, housing trust funds, and inclusionary zoning.  The author also evaluates the trade-offs associated with each of these policies related to longevity, affordability, and equity-generation.

State Housing Trust Funds: Meeting Local Affordable Housing Needs. [PDF] 2005. By Carolina Reid. Community Investments. Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.
This report reviews the history of state housing trust funds and describes how they work. It also includes case studies.

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