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While builders and developers have started to incorporate energy-efficient features into newly developed commercial and residential structures, in many cases home energy performance has yet to become a regular consideration in the decision-making process of homebuyers and prospective renters, and in the everyday behavior of non-movers.

Marketing efforts can increase the demand for and value of energy-efficient homes by promoting energy-cost savings and related environmental benefits. Education and training can inform homeowners, property managers, and tenants about daily habits that influence home energy performance, or provide instruction on how to operate an appliance or building to maximize energy savings.

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Influencing market values

This section covers steps the public and private sectors can take to stimulate interest in energy-efficient homes and reward those who choose to undertake improvements

Tools for promoting behavioral change

The tools discussed in this section include technological innovations to help monitor energy-use, as well as educational and training programs to inform tenants, homeowners and building managers on reducing energy costs