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How do these strategies work?

State and local governments use a variety of approaches when working with employers to improve the availability of affordable housing. In addition, as employers themselves, states and localities can help address unmet housing needs and set an example for the private sector by offering their own employer-assisted housing programs to public workers.

Listen to a podcast from April 2008 with Robin Snyderman, housing director for the Metropolitan Planning Council, who talks about the many ways EAH can benefit both families and communities nationwide. Also in this episode, Ray Schmidt, executive director of Select Milwaukee, discusses how key Milwaukee employers are using EAH to recruit and retain quality employees.

Click on the links below to learn more about ways that state and local governments can leverage employers' commitment to affordable homes for workers:
Oakman ManorAdopt employer-assisted housing strategies for public workers
In some communities the public sector is one of the largest employers. By offering housing assistance programs for their workers, state and local governments set an example for private sector employers to emulate and help ensure that public employees can live near where they work.

Portland PlaceProvide incentives for employer investment in affordable homes
While participation in a housing program can lead to reduced staff turnover, greater productivity and an improved corporate image, financial incentives may still be needed to engage employers and increase private sector involvement in workforce housing initiatives.

Hastings MarketplaceProvide organizational support to interested employers
Design and administration of an employer-assisted housing program can take a substantial amount of time and require expertise that many businesses do not have. Some communities have found it useful to fund local nonprofit organizations to make these services available to interested employers.

Brush ParkEnlist employers to build a constituency for affordable homes
Elected officials can use their influence to mobilize private sector support for affordable housing initiatives, thereby raising the profile of businesses that take the lead in offering employer-assisted housing programs and prompting others to follow suit.

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