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How do trust funds work?

Housing trust funds allow state and local governments to establish a specific source of state or locally-raised funding that can only be used for affordable homes. As of December 2009, there were nearly 600 housing trust funds in the United States, administered at the city, county, regional, and statewide levels. [1] Revenue sources and eligible uses vary widely from place to place, but all share the goal of increasing the availability of affordable homes.

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Orchard at Cold Spring CommonsRevenue sources for housing trust funds
State and local housing trust funds rely on a variety of different funding sources. Establishing a dedicated source of revenue assures a secure funding stream for the development, preservation, or operation of affordable homes.

PantagesHow housing trust fund dollars are used
Free from the spending limitations associated with federal programs, administrators of housing trust funds enjoy a great deal of flexibility in determining how trust fund revenues can best be used to benefit the community.

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[1] 2009-2010 Assets & Oppportunity Score Card.  Resource Guide: Housing Trust Funds.  Washington, DC: CFED